Lilly Lashes Haul

Lily Lashes are a famous lash brand who provide some of the best quality lashes on the market! The lashes come in so many different styles ranging from lighter everyday styles to glamorous night time styles. The style “Miami” is probably the most popular and well known style from the brand, many celebrities and influencers are often seen wearing this lash. Below are some photos … Continue reading Lilly Lashes Haul

Starbucks Egg Bites Recipe

This easy recipe tastes just as good, maybe even better than the Starbucks favourite. You can literally put whatever you want in these egg bites, make them cheesy or spicy or whatever you’re feeling! What you’ll need Spray Oil Salt Pepper Cheese & Ham or any other leftovers in your fridge 4-5-6 Eggs Muffin Baking Tray How to Make – Whisk eggs with salt & … Continue reading Starbucks Egg Bites Recipe

Colourpop Frozen II Palette – Elsa

The palette has 9 shades ranging from deep maroons to icy silvers. The shade “Spindrift” is a really deep maroon which is really good for deepening up the eye look. The shade in the middle “Flurry” is the most unique shade in the palette as it is more of a loose glitter, it still sticks to the eye but because the glitter chunks are larger … Continue reading Colourpop Frozen II Palette – Elsa